a complete range of tailored services

Every intervention is arranged in person and customised to your needs

The Complete bespoked service

You send me the parts of the distributing and regulating organ and I can offer you the complete service including a replacement of the upper and lower balance staff jewels if required.

Cost 450 - 1500 euro

balance staff
Bespoked to your criteria

Fill out our technical drawing and let me do the rest. You will receive a balance staffed finished to the highest standards within the Swiss watchmaking industry

Cost 350 euro

Jewel replacements

Are you doing a restoration? Does your vintage watch repair have a broken jewel, let me take care of it!

150 euro per jewel

One to One Lessons

Whether you are a member of the public who is simply curious or a watchmaker who needs a deeper explaination on a subject I am available on a consultation basis

Cost 50 euro per Hour

Why use me

I guarantee the work that I do

What You Get

I pride myself in offering an individualised service.  It is important for me that my clients feel they are being listen to and are getting value for money.