The Pivoteur

Bespoked Balance staffs

une main de fer dans un gant de velours

– Master Pivoteur Frank Pernet at Patek Phillippe –


The Complete Bespoked Service

Don't loose time taking measurements! Send me the movement and I'll make a bespoked staff to fit.

balance staff
Bespoked to your criteria

Fill out our customised technical drawing and I'll make the staff to your dimensions.

One to One Lessons

Are you a collector or watchmaker that is interested in expanding your knowledge?  With a wide range of work experience and a solid history as a teacher at WOSTEP Neuchâtel I am passionate about classical watchmaking and can offer a range of tailored lessons to suit every level.

Pivotage? Why not give it a go?

Join me to explore the wonderful profession of pivotage with a one to one lesson

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balance staff